Weekend Vibes

Beach Essentials

Umbrella Usage & Instructions

  1. Find your place in the sun and a suitable base to support your umbrella. We recommend a good 30-50cm hole in the sand at the beach or a pre-made base for other outdoor setups.

    Pro-tip: use your shadow to estimate where your umbrella will throw its shade and dig your hole accordingly.

  2. Fold out the umbrella pole using the screw hinge. Twist the screw handle until the teeth are loose enough to extend the pole straight. Re-tighten the screw to lock in position.

    Please be careful to not unwind the screw too far and lose this piece. We are unable to offer replacements.

  3. To open the umbrella, hold the sliding mechanism with one hand and the pole with the other. Slide the piece up the pole and extend the canopy open.

  4. To lock the umbrella open, slide the switch up to the small hole in the wood and allow it to clip into position. Ensure the bottom of the switch is aligned with the hole in the wood. You may need to push it just past the hole and align the clip for it to lock in.

  5. Sit back and enjoy your shady days. Please ensure your umbrella is well anchored and assembled correctly, especially in windy conditions. Be aware of other people around you and collapse umbrellas if leaving unattended.